Eliza Gregory

Vocal contortions & poeting

Beverley-born musician and writer Eliza Gregory lives in London. Fresh from school in York, she migrated south and cut her teeth as a musician (vocals/bass/guitar) in UK DIY hardcore, doom and metal bands, before entering education at Kellogg and Ruskin Colleges, Oxford, and Goldsmiths College, London.

She has subsequently written music and poetry in conjunction with numerous organisations such as The Royal Philharmonic Society and The Wellcome Trust.

Eliza continues to work on Poetry in an interdisciplinary way, as with her 2014 residency at The New School House Gallery in York, producing an installation in response to work by Ruskin prize nominee, fine art print maker Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller.

In music, Eliza has performed all throughout the UK, EU, playing countless shows and has had work broadcast on BBC Radio 3. She has featured on many recordings & publications and writes music solo as 'Helvella' (see links for bandcamp), as well as in a new collaborative project, which is set to launch in 2016.

Photo by Andrew Gale